How-To: Midnight Storm "Bombre"

Lauren Quick | November 14, 2014 | 2:22 PM
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You know it's real when there's an Urban Dictionary page for it. 

Bombre: Taking ombre hair color to the next level. A termed coined by internationally recognized Salon KAVI color director, Victoria Pelaez, for the ombrés she and her team create.
Bomb ombre = bombre

Girl 1: I love how her ombre melts from one color to another so seamlessly. 
Girl 2: Girl, that is no ombre, that is a bombre!

Victoria Pelaez (@vi_color), co-owner and color director at Salon KAVI, created this seamless color for a client and described it perfectly as "midnight storm."



STEP 1: Pre-lighten hair with 35ml Goldwell Silk Lift 20vol Developer with one level scoop of Goldwell Strong Silk Lift Decolorizer, re-mixing every 20 minutes to increase developer strength as you re-mix.

STEP 2: Lighten to a level 9 in foils.

STEP 3: Rinse, shampoo and condition.

STEP 4: Before applying any silver color to the hair, you must silverize the hair. Silverizing is a process of toning out any yellow in the hair and letting toner develop a silver cast on the hair to produce a longer-lasting, vivid, true silver color. If you skip this step, you could end up with uneven color. Silverize using Goldwell 9 Silver Express toner. Mix 80ml express developer with 40ml 9 Silver and deposit an intentional silver tone. Leave on for 10-15 minutes until hair takes a light, silver cast.

STEP 5: Rinse, condition and dry. 

STEP 6: To achieve a seamless blend, apply three different colors that melt into one another. On the roots, apply (#1) Goldwell Colorance 50ml Colorance Core Developer with 30ml 2A and 30ml 6A (1:1 for more pigment; manufacturer's suggestion is 2:1). On the midlengths, apply (#2) Goldwell Colorance 50ml Developer to 30ml 8AS. On the ends, apply (#3) Goldwell 50ml Colorand Core Developer to 30ml 10P.

STEP 7: Let process for 30 minutes, then rinse and condition. 


Pro Tips:

  • The colors used are cool tones that should tone out unwanted warmth in the hair; they are not intentional fashion shades, such as Pravana. These colors will only work if hair is lightened to a pale yellow. 
  • There cannot be any orange or "chicken yellow" in the hair, Pelaez says. These colors cast a blue/silver tone to the hair because hair is lightened past the desired level and deposits the blue/pearl undertones into the color. 
  • This is a more advanced technique, so "breaking the rules can help you achieve an edgy fashion tone/color," Pelaez says. "Remember you must know all the rules and foundations of color theory before you should try and bend/break the rules. Happy coloring!"



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