Tal Peleg...This Is CRAZY!

Maggie Mulhern | November 17, 2014 | 6:23 PM
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While most of us struggle to create a nice "wing," Tal Peleg has taken the cat-eye to a whole new level. Peleg is an artist--a makeup artist, a visual artist.


"I create artistic makeup," the Israeli-based talent says. "Especially eye-art: miniature illustrations on the eye of my favorite topics like fairy tales, movies and many other things."


Peleg became interested in makeup when she was a little girl playing “photoshoots” with her sister and experimenting with makeup.  She eventually went to study at both a beauty school and a school of visual communication. Now she melds both talents in her work.

“I see makeup as a form of art," Peleg says. "Ordinary, wearable makeup is nice, but I wanted to push the limits between art/illustration and makeup. I was bored with ordinary canvases and papers, so I turned the eyelid into my canvas.”

That canvas, actually her own eye, has been the base for incredible art from her favorite fairy tale-inspired designs to sushi to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

Peleg uses classic eyeshadows, loose pigments and eyeliners in her work. "Most of the time I mix and play with textures, like mixing loose eyeshadow with water or gel for example,” she says. “I use a magnifying mirror so I can see everything very clear and can be precise with all the tiny details." Peleg looks for very fine precision brushes for the miniature illustrations, which she finds at art stores.

Check out some of our favorite designs here, but for some of her other work, go to her instagram page: @tal_peleg or facebook:

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