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Base to Cover Gray to Glossy Finish

Anne Moratto | November 18, 2014 | 11:18 AM

Check out this before-during-and-after by Jess Dunaway (@colorbyjess) who works out of Ian McCabe Studio in Washington, D.C. Her client was booked as a single and a full head of highlights. She was with her for approximately 3 ½ hours.

"I hadn’t seen my client in forever and I told her we finally needed to do a base to cover her gray. I used ¾ 6NN ¼ 6B Logics 13 volume on roots ( 1 ½ inches) 6NN 20 volume on the rest of the regrowth (2 ½ inches) and 7N 20 volume on the hairline.  After that processed, I shampooed and painted her hair with Solaris. Glossed her roots with 8N, 9V and a little 6T Shades EQ for 8 minutes (leaving out hairline.)  I glossed hairline then glossed ends with equal parts 9V, 9T and clear for two minutes."

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