"Frozen" Braided Beauty by Cameron LeSiege

Anne Moratto | November 30, 2014 | 7:43 PM
Photography: Daryna Barykina Hair: Cameron LeSiege Makeup: Brooke Lee Smith

These lovely hair images came about after a day of shooting images that represent another famous blonde, Barbie.  Hairstylist Cameron LeSiege shares these lovely Elsa looks, the story behind them and an easy 'how-to' below:

"The story behind how this look was created is one I will treasure forever.  I was working with my team all day on a new “Barbie” themed hair collection that will be coming out soon.  We finished all of Barbie's looks early and had time for an extra unrelated work.  Daryna (photographer) asked if I could do an Elsa look from the Disney movie Frozen.  I couldn’t remember how Elsa’s hair looked so we pulled up some pictures on our phones.  After I performed step 1 and step 2 mentioned in the how-to, I sat down and everyone was silent.  I asked everyone how the hair looked and it was still quiet!  It is a very good thing to have a close relationship with your team, because sometimes all it takes is some friendly honesty to turn things around.  The braid was WAY too “pretty”  and not enough like Elsa’s hair.  Keep in mind I had been doing Barbie's hair all day long and “pretty” was the look we were trying to achieve there.   This is where step 3 came in and my best friend and makeup artist Brooke Lee Smith asked if she could “ruin” the braid.  So in good fun we “ruined” the braid, pulling it apart until it became Elsa! "


Step 1:

Using Paul Mitchell Express Ion Curl 1-inch curling iron, curl the entire head.  Each section being curled should be double the size of the iron (2-inches) for a looser curl. 

Step 2:

Taking very large sections, perform a standard French Braid that moves towards one side of the head in the back.  Secure the braid with a clear elastic band.

Step 3:

Deconstruct, deconstruct, deconstruct!  Pull the braid apart starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top of the head.  Pull out a few small sections of hair around the fringe area for added interest.  Finish with Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray.

Photography: Daryna Barykina

Makeup: Brooke Lee Smith

Hair: Cameron LeSiege




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