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HOW-TO: Lemon Drop Blonde

Maggie Mulhern | December 8, 2014 | 7:19 AM

Got the winter blues? Jaymz Marsters (@Jaymzcutshair) is battling clouds with this sunny lemon drop color design.

The Norfolk, England artist says he tries "to incorporate alot of things I enjoy into the hair I create. One of my big influences is Japanese culture/fashion and musicians like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I like to create designs that have a big impact on people but yet make them wearable for everyday life. Coming from a small town in England, people like to try and stand out as much as they can so I like to keep their colors fresh and forever changing. I try to keep one step ahead of my clients and start thinking of their possible future colurs before I apply their current shade which we will have to try and remove so i can keep the hairs integrity in the best condition I can."

When MODERN saw this yellow/platinum ombre on Instagram we tracked down Marsters to get the how-to.


Igora Vario blonde lightner. Igora 20 volume developer. 1:2 ratio. 

Igora Vario blonde lightner. Igora 10 volume developer. 1:2 ratio.

Manic Panic sunshine yellow
Manic Panic sunshine yellow with conditioner 1:15

Affinage 10/21 with Affinage converter developer. 1:3

STEP 1: Apply the 20 volume lightner to the regrowth area for 10 minutes.

STEP 2: Apply a fresh batch of lighter to the next three inches and the 10 volume developer to the mid lengths and ends.

STEP 3: Process for an additional 20 minutes to achieve a clean base 10.

STEP 4: Shampoo with a pre color shampoo but do not condition. Dry the hair completely.

STEP 5: Apply the Manic Panic direct dye Sunshine yellow to the root area and the following three inches.

STEP 6: Mix the direct dye with conditioner 1:15 and apply to the following two inches.

STEP 7: Dry brush against the hair to create a graduation into the direct dye above and the lightened hair below.

STEP 8: Apply the Affinage 10/21 plus converter developer 1:3 to the following hair and dry brushed into the color above it.

STEP 9: Process for 25 minutes.


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