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Aveda Introduces Innovative Online Education: Learn Aveda

Lauren Quick | December 12, 2014 | 12:24 PM

Aveda is ringing in 2015 with new, innovative online education called Learn Aveda

The program is based upon Aveda's commitment to developing future stylists starting at the institute level, says Kevin Molin, VP of education for Aveda. Molin says the Aveda education team has been seeking a way to incorporate digital learning into Aveda's high-touch business, and Learn Aveda is it. 

The curriculum is available to Aveda Institutes and utilizes pause-and-practice videos focused on the holistic teachings of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation to instruct a stylists from beginning to advanced on how to work on conscious intention.

"Learn Aveda incorporates the many ways I've found balance in my work and life through yoga, meditation and the martial arts to better deliver the tasks at hand," says Ricardo Dinis, Aveda global artistic director, hair cutting. "The idea is to create a standardized method of training by giving stylists precise body positions and clear intentions for each type of cut so that any stylist at any Aveda salon across the globe can re-create the exact same cut—a cut that is longer lasting, easier to style and perfectly adapted to each individual client.”

The Aveda education team has worked on Learn Aveda for about two and a half years and enlisted the help of stylists, instructors, script writers, editors, specialists, designers, animators, producers and IT.

"Emphasizing proper body positioning, including how a stylist should stand and move and the directions their fingers should be pointing for each type of cut, as well as cutting with intention, helps stylists maintain balanced body health and gives them the confidence to allow their artistry to shine through," says Tristin Morrison, senior creative director for Aveda Canada.

Traditional, non-digital classes are limited. Students' retention and comprehension is based on many factors: where they're seated in class, what kind of view they have of the instructor and model/mannequin, how much time the instructor has to work with them on an individual basis, and more. 

Learn Aveda cuts out of lot of these factors. Students are able to have an up-close, 360-degree view of the cut, posture, etc., and can stop and start the video if they need more or less time. By being able to take the education home, they can review sections or even look ahead to the next class and practice before. Self-pacing allows motivated students to really excel.

"This curriculum is really about going back to the basics with intensive lessons that break cuts down step-by-step," says Ray Civello, president of Aveda Canada. "Once we help stylists get completely grounded in the fundamentals, they can develop consistent technical and artistic expertise, which will translate into an even better experience for both the stylist and the Aveda guest."

The program teaches 15 different haircuts and 10 technique videos with an emphasis on body position. A salon can get the curriculum for $180 per month for the first six users and $25 for each addition stylist with a four-month minimum subscription.

For more info and to sign up for a complimentary seven-day trial, visit

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