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FORMULA: Poppin' Red Sombre

Maggie Mulhern | December 14, 2014 | 7:25 AM

Amanda "Eve" Galmiche (@TheHairColorExpert), a level 2 colorist at Arrojo Studio NYC, was thrilled when client Julienne came in looking to do something "a little different" since her summer balayage had faded.

"I suggested a rose or blush tone with a bit of a punch," says Galmiche. "Since she wanted the color to last a long time I chose Goldwell Elumen. I customized a peachy rosey tone, knowing it would pick up really bright and saturated on her blonde more porous ends. That's why the color has such a nice gradation from a softer tone to a really bright tone on the ends."

Here Galmiche offers the steps:

STEP 1: Using  Goldw ell Silklift with  20 volume developer, balayage throughout with full saturation on the ends.

STEP 2: Blend through her preexisting highlights to bring lightness around the face with diagonal back sectioning.

STEP 3: Process for 30 minutes until the hair lifted to a red/orange state at a level 7.

STEP 4: Glaze with Goldwell Elumen 7KB with a drop of [email protected] and drop of [email protected]


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