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Barbara Roberts: Team Support

Rosanne Ullman | December 14, 2014 | 2:48 PM

At Five 60 Salon and Spa in Grand Junction, Colorado, health is a frequent topic of discussion and a team effort. 


“We have gym rats and runners on staff,” says co-owner Barbara Roberts. “And we talk about food a lot. We’ve had a lot of conversations with clients about cleanses! We offer flavored waters and teas—no soda—and in that way we convey to the clients that their health is important to us. We take turns bringing in healthy snacks.”


But the tone isn’t preachy. “It’s a joking, camaraderie kind of thing,” adds Roberts, who participates in the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program to help chemotherapy patients with hair and makeup needs. “I also might talk about a chocolate cake that I baked over the weekend.” The culture is contagious. Roberts says that new hires are always impressed and want to keep up. 


The seven-stylist staff’s attention to health extends to injuries and body stresses that come with the profession. “In beauty school, we learned to keep mats under our chairs,” Roberts says. “Our salon has a hardwood floor, which is more comfortable than tile, and we all use ergonomically designed scissors.”


Yoga is a favorite among team members. “Sometimes a yoga session is the last thing you want to do after working, but you have to,” Roberts notes. “I love what I do and want to keep doing it for a long time, so it’s important to find that balance.”


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