Modern Man: Wahl's New Men's Method Education + Ivy League How-To

Lauren Quick | December 18, 2014 | 12:50 PM
The Ivy League || Hair by George Accattato for Wahl Men's Method (photo credit: Jordan Holloway)
Photo By Jordan Holloway

Method Man

Wahl Clipper Corporation is rolling out brand-new, technique-focused education, The Men’s Method, to cosmetology schools across the country.


Wahl’s new education program, The Men’s Method, comes with an array of heavy-hitting stylists ready to teach and inspire, and a curriculum that’s straightforward and technical. David Raccugliafounder of American Crew, serves as the creative director in order to market The Men’s Method by Wahl to schools nationwide. The 120-page manual and DVD set can also be used as in-salon training for current stylists.


“The Men’s Method will focus on men’s cutting techniques that are designed around introducing the clipper and men’s considerations to the cosmetology school curriculum,” says Lance Wahl, director of sales and marketing for Wahl Clipper Corporation Professional Division. “There really hasn’t been a men’s educational program focusing on fundamental skills at cosmetology schools before this.”



This quintessential men’s haircut is longer and fuller on top, shorter back and sides with no scalp exposure but hairline tapered around. Wahl Icon taper-lever clipper (or Sterling 9 clipper) used.


STEP 1: Start in the nape and use clipper-over-comb from hairline up toward predetermined U-shaped parting to remove length and weight. Position head down while working in the nape.

STEP 2: Continue clipper-over-comb through sides using previously cut section as a guide.

STEP 3: Transition to the top using vertical sections starting just above the ear.

STEP 4: At the occipital, establish a guide and over-direct remaining lengths back to create a length increase towards the front.

STEP 5: Cut radial vertical sections in the crown to blend.

STEP 6: Direct lengths straight up in horizontal sections to connect sides at the crown.

STEP 7: Freehand taper the hairline at all points and detail with shear-over-comb to refine.

STEP 8: Distribute flexible-hold product and blow dry with fingers or a vent brush.

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