How-To: Denver Fashion Week S-Wave Updo with GKhair

Lauren Quick | December 19, 2014 | 2:15 PM
Photo By GKhair

Denver Fashion Week proved to have some glamorous, '20s-feeling styles that are great for New Year's Eve, date night or dances. This one utilizes a fingerwave in a modern way and can be done on straight or pre-curled hair.

GKhair International Creative Director Misha Belfer gives some tips on how you can recreate this look for a client.


STEP 1: Create an offset Mohawk section. Stay above the occipital bone.

STEP 2: Secure section 1 with a ponytail holder. Offset to one side and create a smooth surface with GKhair Strong Hold Hairspray.

STEP 3: Section the hair and secure 1/4 of the ponytail. Backcomb to create volume and texture in the rest of the ponytail.

STEP 4: Release the secure section and create a smooth surface on top of the textured part of the ponytail.

STEP 5: Flip all the hair forward from section 1 and secure with a ponytail holder to the side using bobby pins.

STEP 6: Flip section 1 back in the original position and secure and tuck ends using hair and bobby pins while forming the shape.

STEP 7: Using GKhair 4 in One Curling Iron, curl section 2 in small subsections all in the same direction.

STEP 8: Comb out as you like, retaining the S shape/fingerwave formation. 

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