The Rocker: An American Crew How-To

Anne Moratto | December 19, 2014 | 4:26 PM

This Rocker look was shown at American Crew's Opening Night in Denver, CO and was one of the trend looks seen on the runway.   The style was created by the American Crew team of artists and can be duplicated following these steps:

1. Begin with a low to standard horseshoe parting.

2. Cut a basic head shape with graduation while keeping weight in zone 2.

3. Cut secondary shape for target and elevation and, if applicable, reduce the weight of the crown through cutting or styling.

4. Alter the length on top, while cutting low across the top of zone 4 and into zone 3. *Keep in mind that width on the top is essential for this look.

5.. Finish with a low taper to refine the hairline and use a razor detail for target and direction of style.

6. Before styling, ensure the hair has 40% water saturation.

7. Start with American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel and fold hair toward the back of the head, while keeping it long and 'messy' in the front.

8. Using a blow dryer, comb hands through hair to create texture.

9. For finishing and styling touches, apply American Crew Pomade as needed.




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