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8 Looks. 8 Color Formulas by Anne Veck

Lauren Salapatek | December 22, 2014 | 9:43 AM
Bleach all over then toner all over gray. SPV. 10gr11A + 5gr 5AV. Yellow Bananna pigment from Matrix Colorgraphics.
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Slice SRR-R + 9% then Matrix Color Sync all over 7BR.
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Light master +6% peroxyde all over. Zig Zag section in horseshoes shape from temple to temple through below occipital bone. Top section Light Gray 10 part 11A 1 part 1A +3%. Bottom section Pink 10 part 11N 1 part SRV +3%.
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Full head H/L. 2 bleach to 1 8M. Then toner all over SPV SPM. Then slice the following color all through the style: Dusty pink 6RV + 10V Matrix Color Sync, Lilac 10A + 6VR and Gray 11AA + 5AV Matrix SoColor Beauty.
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4BR Matrix Color Sync all over.on roots, and underneath on mid length and ends. On top slice SRR +12% alt SR-C+12%.
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Pre-lighten one section at the front with Light Master Conditioning Lightner +6% then apply 3N Matrix Color Sync all over and in between packets. Tone and pre-lighten with Violet prism. Paint SRR +12% on the end of the crown.
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All over red 8RC + HD-RR + 3% peroxide, then highlights all from Matrix Color Sync. Colors used: Gold, yellow from Prizme; Copper, Copper Boster; Violet, 6RV.
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Pre-lighten slice with Light Master +6%. Apply Matrix Color Sync in-between packets 4N then tone lighter pieces: Red 7RR+ HD-RR, Lilac Prism and Blue 10 part 11AA 3 part 5AV.
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