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What the Client Saw

Anne Moratto | January 5, 2015 | 9:18 AM
Ivan Zoot

I was a first time client. I was a long time client. I saw things in the shop. I was your client. I am not coming back.

I saw hair on the floor.  Not a little bit of hair.  Not my hair.  Not just the hair from the last guy.  You are covered in hair clippings.  You do not mind.  I am not in the business.  I think it is disgusting.  Sweep every client.  I am not coming back.

I saw you on the phone. You were not taking an appointment. You were not between clients. You looked at the phone. You took the call. You told me, the guy in the chair and all the clients in the waiting room that the call was more important RIGHT NOW than the haircut you were doing. It was not your kid on the phone. It was not your wife. It was not your sick grandma. It could wait. You CHOSE to answer. The worst part was when the call was done you did not apologize to anyone. I am not coming back.

I saw you charge different people different prices. You do not have the prices posted. You do not have extras spelled out on a menu. Getting a haircut is like buying a scratch-off lottery ticket.  I do not know what I am going to pay from one visit to the next. You can’t even remember to charge me the same price each time. I am not coming back.

I saw you rush a client through the chair. I watch my watch. I watch the clock on the wall. I watch the game. I can tell time. Even a client with half of a head of hair deserves a full service experience. The waiting room was stacked deep. Still, no excuse.  Worse yet, I saw you throttle back on that last haircut.  You deemed the next guy up to be less desirable of a client. Maybe his hair is tough to cut and you lack the skills and confidence. Maybe he is known to tip poorly or not at all. You deliberately dawdled on the last cut so another chair came empty first and you were able to move on to the client after him. I saw you do that. I am not coming back.

I am your client. I see everything. I hear everything. I am a consumer. I choose where I spend my money. Worse for you, I am on social media. I have friends. I talk. I tell them what I saw.

Happy Clippering.



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