HOW-TO: Voluminous Waves, No Salt Water Required!

Chandler Rollins | January 5, 2015 | 10:52 AM
Model: Moira Tumas DevaCurl Stylist: Edward Joseph Photographer: Bryan Soderlind Makeup: Emily Green (photo credit: DevaCurl )
Photo By DevaCurl

THE CLIENT: Moria loves how her hair looks when she's at the beach after swimming in the ocean, but hasn't be able to replicate the look without a curling iron... or taking a flight somewhere! She's craving waves without the fuss or fake look of a curling iron. 


  1. On wet hair, release as much water as possible with the DevaTowel. Apply DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam to hands, rub together and add just to roots. Then apply DevaCurl Styling Cream to hands and gently glide through hair, starting at roots and working though mid-lengths and ends, and boost hair upwards. 
  2. Once dry, part hair into four quadrants, putting each section into a ponytail. Then divide the ponytail into three curls, and secure with clips. Then use the DevaFuser to set curls. Remove clips and bands from hair, flip head over, shake at the root and work DevaCurl Spray Gel through the hair for texture and volume. 
  3. For the final touch, twist the front pieces of hair to create height, and pull back with pins. 


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