HOW-TO: Effortless Texture, Carefree Curls

Chandler Rollins | January 5, 2015 | 11:09 AM
Model: Shireen Bora DevaStylist: Jacqueline Walent Photographer: Bryan Soderlind Makeup Artist: Emily Green

THE CLIENT: Shireen wants hair that matches her eclectic, unique personality. Perfectly positioned curls have never been on her wish list; she washes her hair every third day and wants to maintain an effortlessly cool curl style.  


  1. Apply just a little bit of DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam to hair, working through the mid-lengths and the ends. Then use the DevaFuser for additional volume. 
  2. Randomly select curls, and using your fingers, tease the hair upward. To play with volume and texture, spritz Flexible Hold Hairspray to get this look by flipping your head forward and spraying liberally while working through the hands to texturize. 
  3. Flip hair back and shake. Spray again with hairspray and continue building texture with your hands to complete the look.

​EMBRACE A BIT OF FRIZZ: You can have fin with frizz. Awesome hair doesn't always mean perfectly polished hair. Play with textures and frizz to create funky looks that express you and your client's personal style. To extend the style to Day 2 and Day 3 curls, reactive cursl with DevaCurl Mist-er Right. 

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