HOW-TO: Sleek or Deconstructed Fishtail Braided Chignon

Lauren Salapatek | January 8, 2015 | 10:14 AM

Creating a classy chignon can be as easy as the steps listed below. This style is ideal for clients with long hair, but you can easily add volume/density and length by applying hair extensions. (Hotheads Hair Extensions were used for this look.)

All you need to create this look:    

Hotheads Extensions             

(1 Pack ) No. 6 in lengths 18” - 20”  

(2 packs) No. 8 in lengths 18” - 20”  

  • Bobby Pins 
  • Claw Clips 
  • Sectioning Comb 
  • Hair Bands or Ties
  • Shears   

STEP 1: Once you apply Hotheads extensions, begin by curling the hair to create extra texture. A deconstructed braid looks effortless and chic. If you are trying to achieve a sleek, finished look, skip the curling iron and opt for a flatiron.   

STEP 2: Consider the neckline and jewelry that will be worn, to select the side that the chignon will rest on.  Now the hair is ready to be braided. Begin by separating the hair into two vertical parts. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section. Pull it over to the inside of the right section.  If you want a tight braid, take even strands from each side. If you want a more messy look, take uneven strands. 

STEP 3: Repeat Step 2, alternating sides until you reach the end of the braid. Fasten with a hair tie.   

STEP 4: Once you have achieved your desired braid, start at the top and gently tug pieces of the braid to give it a tousled look. For a sleek finish skip deconstructing the braid. Voila! A perfect daytime look.  

STEP 5: For a modern chignon, grab the end of the braid and knot it around the top (as you would a bun). Fasten with bobby pins that match your guest’s hair color.  

STEP 6: Mist with your favorite finishing spray and they're set to party!

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