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Why Does In-Salon Training Matter? Wisdom from Ruth Roche

Lauren Quick | January 9, 2015 | 2:43 PM

As a salon professional, you likely already know that continuing education is not just a good thing but a very necessary thing for you to do in order to keep up with the latest trends and techniques. Additionally, clients expect you to be stepping up your game, and doing might mean more clients and a higher ticket. 

Ruth Roche, artistic ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, points out that there are mainly three ways for a salon pro to get face-to-face education: go to a class, have an educator go to the salon or go to a show. 

"The challenge with the first and last is that the rest of the salon team still needs to be briefed on the new content," Roche says. "By hiring an in-salon trainer, the middle step is omitted and the team can head straight to implementing new information."

With in-salon training, team members don't spend funds and time on travel; the educator comes to the place you're most comfortable and can customize programs to fit requests from owners and stylists.

Here are some ways your team can get the most out of in-salon training:

  • Motivate. Try to nix the word "mandatory" from your vocabulary, salon owners. Some stylists value the opportunity more than others, so position the in-salon education as a way to fuel creative juices and explore all they can do.
  • Check your attitude. Be open to anything in the class. Even if you are the razor-cutting expert in your salon and the education revolves around razor-cutting, you can always learn something new from another stylist.
  • Jump in. If you aren't willing to make mistakes, you might hinder yourself from learning as much as you can. Participate fully so you can garner the most from your experience.


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