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A Tour of the Paul Mitchell Awaphui Farm Kicks Off the Hawaii Seminar

Anne Moratto | January 14, 2015 | 12:52 AM
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On the Big Island of Hawaii, on the Kohala Coast, hundreds of hairdressers have traveled to spend five days with Paul Mitchell artists, soaking up education, inspiration and the spirit of "Aloha." But before they got their hands on some hair, the stylists spent the day at the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Farm, a home and retreat for Paul Mitchell and his family, learning more about Paul Mitchell's legacy and the values of  John Paul Mitchell Systems. 

The ginger ("awaphui" in Hawaiian)  grown on the farm is still in the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi product line, Self-sustaining and solar powered, the farm and its employees welcomed stylists for the day with traditional food, music and dance.

"We used to do this tour at the end of the seminar but we moved it forward this year because it reminds us where it all began and why we're all here, " said Robert Cromeans, global artistic director.

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