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7 Tips for Stylists Who Work With Child Clients

Lauren Salapatek | January 15, 2015 | 1:13 AM
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Do you work with child clients? Ever wonder how you can make them feel more comfortable in the chair? What things should you offer to help them pass the time while their hair is being cut? What’s the proper way to conduct a child consultation?

As a landmark in Beverly Hills, Tipperary Salon has been serving their local community with quality kid’s haircuts since 1972. The stylists provide kids haircuts that are up-to-date- with the latest trends in beauty. MODERN spoke with Tipperary owner Debby Parker, and she provided us with five tips for salon professionals who work with children.

TIP #1: "Having kids come in a little bit before their appointment and talking/getting acquainted with them helps them feel more comfortable. At Tipperary, we have a Candy Bar which can sometimes help as a little bribery."

TIP #2: "We have a nice selection of toys to help pass the time but if toys are not available we recommend parents bring in an IPad or a favorite video they can watch to help keep kids distracted."

TIP #3: "Leaving off the cape will sometimes help a screaming child. For some reason the cape can be just terrifying!"

TIP #4: "Having a nanny or grandparent bring the child in is sometimes better than the mom."

TIP #5: "Bringing in a small child after a nap is also better or in the morning."

TIP #6: "The consultation: parents usually will know what they want and will ask the stylist what they think would look good or work with their type of hair. They usually ask what styles are in so we try to keep abreast of all of the ‘of-the-moment' styles."

TIP #7: "Being able to work very quickly is a must!"

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