Pompadour Fade With a Hard Part by Jason Reyes

Anne Moratto | January 18, 2015 | 3:39 PM
"To style this, make sure hair is damp using a vent brush, in my case a Paul Mitchell 413 brush," says Reyes. "Blowdry hair upward and back after hair is 100% dry and in shape, then I used Paul Mitchell Stay STrong, a dry hairspray with firm hold."--Jason Reyes

Jason Reyes (@iliketocuthair) is a Paul Mitchell artist and educator who teaches the fine points of classic barbering, along with proper use of the tools to achieve these fine finishes. His work on Instagram includes this sleek pomp fade.

MODERN had the privledge of learning from Reyes during the Hawaii Seminar, where he demonstrated his technique to an intimate group of hairdressers. Some of Reyes' tips included:

#1: "A guy is a client who comes in thinking, show me what you got. If you reach down to your drawer, blow the hair out of your clippers, that's going to make them a little nervous. You have to be ready with your tools, right at hand."

#2: "Typically, a gentleman will stay with you for ten years. Guy clients are very loyal."

#3: "Working with a clipper, you want to be very loose. I want to feel the hair as I'm cutting. And I'm not really moving my wrist."

#4: "Your body position should be one foot in front and one in the back and then lean back a little. If you have two feet parallel, you can't cut anything."


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