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New & Improved ColorWhip Electric Color Mixer

Elizabeth Jakaitis | January 19, 2015 | 11:11 AM
ColorWhip Electric Color Mixer

Whip It Good

The new and improved ColorWhip Electric Color Mixer from Product Club takes all the best aspects of the original ColorWhip—pre-timed cycles, no wrist stress during mixing, no breathing in of fumes—and adds a few new perks. The mixer gives any color or bleach a smooth, creamy consistency in seconds and allows you to manually set the time or use a pre-timed cycle; many colorists say it extends color and they use less.

Now ColorWhip features a blade that spins 10 percent faster, all metal internal moving parts that are more durable, a rubber-coated metal mixing paddle and a magnetic switch that automatically turns off when the mixing head is lifted off the bowl.

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