Redken's Symposium 2015: DETAILS!

Lauren Salapatek | January 19, 2015 | 11:17 AM
Redken Symposium
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Redken Symposium
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Redken Symposium
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David Stanko, Haircolor Ambassador for Redken
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Tracey Cunningham, Redken's Creative Consultant for Color & Owner of MèCHE Salon Los Angeles
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Redken Symposium 2015 is right around the corner. Are you registered? The three day event (Jan 25-27), held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, will provide nearly 10,000 beauty professionals with the opportunity to sit-in on more than 25 classes and panels to gain knowledge, learn techniques and receive business tips from the brand’s leading experts and top Redken Artists.

Also available for the first time ever and only at Symposium is the new Redken Symposium 2015 app, providing a personalized experience for every attendee that delivers up-to-date program information, user-specific customized content and the opportunity to digitally interact with the brand in a new way.

For more info and to register, go to the dedicated Symposium page on the There you will see the full list of classes and learn more about this special event including the Grand Opening and Bash. The Redken Symposium 2015 app is available for download on Google Play for Androids and in the Apple Store or iOS operating systems starting Monday and for the duration of the event.



COLOR PANEL - Tracy Cunningham, David Stanko & a Panel of Colorists

This is a haircolor experience you won’t want to miss! Spend your morning with us and we will give you the best haircolor information in the industry. Our power panel of color celebs will share the latest buzz in color, they’ll solve challenges, enhance your knowledge and help you make haircolor your priority and profit center!


If your salon isn’t selling then you need to change! Join us for a session with world-renowned merchandising guru, Peter Millard. Peter will give you ideas and direction on how to make your business work for you. Through retail, display, station selling, and more, you’ll see new ways to enhance your success. This session only happens once—so don’t miss out!



BLONDE SOCIETY  - Adam Browne, Lori Zabel and Vincent Nobile

Blondes have more fun and they are fun to do in the salon! But did you know that over 40% of salon color services are blondes? Turn your chair into a true moneymaking “blonde factory” with new ways to service these high demand clients.

DR. COLOR - Jerric Fruits and Scott Sueper

Calling all colorists! Meet the “haircolor healers” and learn emergency techniques for color correction. Gain confidence with corrective color challenges and have the tools you need to remedy whatever ails your clients’ color.

MYTHS, LEGENDS, PERCEPTIONS: BUSTED - Shawn Stearns and Dhaniel Doud

What do you believe? Does new technology change what we’ve been taught? Bust through the haircolor myths and get the facts of new color possibilities. Perception is not always reality.

PAINT SHOP - Kristina Russell, Kelly Scott and Ty Isobe

Looking to rev-up your formulas? Change the way you think about formulations, spice up your old favorites and create new concepts. Discover the hidden gems of formulations that are simply sitting in your salon’s dispensary, waiting to be found.

THE COLOR BAR - Ryan Morgan, Lauren Hagen and Lisa Shepherd

Are your clients pressed for time? Want to turn a non-color client into a long-term color commitment? Learn how these express techniques and “try me” color effects can turn every client into a loyal color client.

THE WORLDWIDE COLOR MOVEMENT - Kris Sorbie, Sean Godard, George Garcia, Mana Dave and GianMaria Manaresi

Get immersed in all things haircolor as you take an international journey of color trends. From Canada to Europe to the South Pacific and back, six highly acclaimed Redken artists will have you creating the latest color trends your clients will love!



BEAUTY AND THE BRITS - Andrew Barton & Lee Stafford

The streets of London are the catwalks of tomorrow’s hottest fashions. Take a “day trip” and see the culture of London town. Catch the spirit of London’s fearless style setters and tap into the latest trends with two of the UK’s top stylists.

DESIGN FILES - Carmody Homan, Adina Doss & Brayden Pelletier

Runway to street, fashion trends come from all around and Redken is at the forefront. Become obsessed with taking the trends and making your own personal interpretation. Get up close and personal with the trends and see them translated to hairstyles your clients will love! #RedkenObsessed

GENTLEMEN’S CLUB - Teresa Mockler & Toby Meyer

Man up! One of the largest growing trends within the professional market is male grooming. Learn how the men’s grooming world is evolving and understand how men’s fashion is dictating the current return of the “gentlemen.” Turn classic barbering, tapering and clippering techniques into profitability behind the chair.

LEGENDARY DESIGNS - Sam Villa & Chris Baran

Redken’s design icons reunited and reconnected on a Symposium stage for the first time in 12 years! With a combined 50 years of mentoring stylists, Sam and Chris have inspired and motivated salon professionals from every continent. It’s your turn to experience the artistry and professionalism of two true masters of the industry.

RAZOR’S EDGE - Ellen Lawlor & Ludovic Beckers

Want to sharpen your edge? Become one with the blade! Join these masters and learn how to master razor techniques. Hone your razor skills with the correct tools and break the myths that have clients in fear of its effects. Understand balance, pressure and products to enhance your end results.


Styling and Finish

10 CURL-MANDMENTS - Stefano Santoro

See curly hair from a different mindset and discover the 10 “thou shall nots” of curly hair to understand the “must-dos.” Learn how to convert the girls that hate their curly hair into curly hair goddesses by following the 10 Curl-mandments.

READY TO WEAR - Rodney Cutler & David Stanko

From high glamour and high gloss, to streetwise and cutting edge, learn how to translate current style trends into realistic tools for the salon. See what really goes into a designer fashion runway and how to break down those looks for your salon clientele.

THE BLOW-DRY CHRONICLES - Hugo Urias, Roger Molina & Giovanni Giuntoli

Want to update your blow-dry menu? Create the perfect blowout and expand your menu with the latest runway looks and up-styles. This trio of artists will share a diverse range of looks and techniques that can grow your salon services and your clientele. Learn how to turn a regular blow-dry into a spectacular blow-dry. Capture this wealth-building trend and see the lasting effect on client loyalty.

THE TREND REPORT  - Phillip Barwick, Richard Kavanagh, Jorge Joao & Justin Isaac

Every season, 8 of the 10 top hair trends are created through the eyes of Redken’s innovators. This international artistic team will show you how these innovations translate into hair trends and enhance your vision into a 3-dimensional world of color and design that your clients will be asking for.

TRANSFORMATION DIGEST - Julie Lahr, Brian Washburn & Chiala Marvici

Makeovers are timeless salon services and utilize a variety of techniques and tools that a salon offers. The makeover is a solid avenue of attracting new clients to the salon, and yet this service is not widely shown on a salon’s menu. Learn the foundations and fundamentals of the makeover service—technical skills, communication and consultation—and see your business soar.


Future Vision

HOW BIG IS YOUR GAME?  - Blair Singer

Think you play a big game? Do you play to win, or not to lose? Playing to win takes risk, complete focus, true dedication, relentless preparation, and a clear vision and goal. Playing “not to lose” means making it work within your parameters, when it fits your schedule and when you have the time to make it work. Hold on and let Blair bust through the things that are holding you back from total rewards.

IT’S IN THE BAG! - Kristi Valenzuela & Linda Macchi

Who doesn’t love to shop? This class is guaranteed to get more products off the salon shelves and into shopping bags! Learn to take “selling” out of offering professional products and let the products do the work for you. Turn every inch of the salon into a selling area, become the Beauty Advisor and gain the confidence to lead the client to the sale.

MIRROR, MIRROR - Amanda Dicker & Jason Gribbin

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest one of all? Your client! Every day when your clients look into the mirror, do they see the person they want to be? Does their desire meet their expectations? That is what the ultimate consultation is all about— skin tone, face shape, balance, communication and home maintenance.

OVER THE TOP - Michael Cole

Sometimes it’s not technical skills that need to be developed, it’s the salon culture! This program is designed to take the salon to much higher levels of growth by providing everyone with a keen awareness of how their individual day-to-day habits are either enhancing success or destroying it. Learn the “Top 20 Habits” to explode your income and become a world-class salon.

PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA - Bryan Nunes, Founder & Owner of Blo Salon and 2011 Salon of the Year Winner; Ryan Pearl, Colorist at Cutler Salon; Kristy Piper, Senior Program Director at 5Loom Social Media Agency

Not well-versed in social media? This class will turn you into a pro! Our media experts will show you how to use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote and grow your business—for free! Learn how to use a hashtag, explore best practices and get tips on sharing content. You will see how to develop a strategy to make social media a valuable and fun part of your business plan for success.

TAKE COMMAND - Peter Mahoney

It’s time to take command and avoid the five temptations that, on a daily basis, steal our dreams and prevent us from reaching our true potential. In this salon owner/manager focused class, you will learn a simple but powerful system that includes social media and online software platforms, coaching techniques, budget guidelines and the top 10 must-dos to grow your retail sales to 20% of your business and dramatically increase your profit!


How many times have you heard your clients say, “I wish I could take you home with me”? What they are really saying is “can you teach me how to do my hair so I don’t look like a train wreck every morning?” See through the eyes of the client how you can change your consultation to make sure you’re a superstar, and grow an amazing clientele.

WAKE UP CALL! - Glenn Baker & Tina Terry-Hunt

Nothing like a cold slap in the face to get your attention. The salon “wake up” call usually happens when you’re not looking: The Stylist Walk Out, The Hostage Syndrome, The Naysayer, The Ultimatum. In this salon owner/manager-focused class, you will learn how to get the team back on track and move to synergy and profitability.



PURE ARTISTRY - Ruth Roche, Natasha Sunshine & Wendy Belanger

Beauty, luxury, and creativity will merge during your time with Pureology Serious Colour Care. During this energetic, indulgent presentation, our Pure Artists will take you through diversified methods that will push your creativity. They will create modern styles with effortless techniques that will inspire you to provide this easy versatility to your guests. By blending the right Pureology products with our Pure Form Cutting Methodology, beautiful Redken color and innovative finishing techniques, stylists can provide limitless looks that will always be glam-ready.

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