Join the Wave-A-Loution of New-Generation Perms

Elizabeth Jakaitis | January 19, 2015 | 11:35 AM
Before/after a Keune Keratin Volume “Wave-a-loution” treatment. Hair by Fabian Bordelon.

At Fabian’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Fabian Bordelon took Keune’s new Keratin Curl and Keratin Volume treatments and transformed them into a “Wave-a-loution.” His new services, which rely on new-generation perms for either bouncy, shiny true curls or volume and movement with shine, are all created with rollers.

“I use large-diameter rollers and do not follow a set pattern,” says Bordelon. “Instead, I work with the hair’s growth direction. I can even use it on fine, color-treated hair and I don’t get any dryness or damage.”

Keune Keratin Curl features perm lotions in three different strengths. The Pre-Treatment equalizes porosity while the After Perm Conditioner provides extra protection. Keune Keratin Volume comes in a kit with a neutralizer and Root Boost Gel. The gel structure has a stronger effect on the roots than on lengths and ends. The treatments contain cationactive keratin which is identical to the hair’s natural keratin. It’s positively charged and is attracted to the negatively charged hair structure to deliver active keratin to the hair.

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