Maggie Mulhern | January 26, 2015 | 5:14 PM

Andrea Brandon of ICE (inspire•create•educate) Salon and Spa in Sacramento, California is a "passionate salon owner that LOVES this industry!" Brandon tagged MODERN SALON with this gorgeous color design and we had to know more.

"This color was done on my daughter Zoe for her birthday," she says. "Her hair was previously lightened from a grown out modified ombré. Her natural base color is a 3 and the previously lightened hair ranged between a 7 and a 9. She wanted SEVERAL different colors and as she said 'I want them on the same strand.' This is why I melted the colors down the hair strands instead of doing panels of solid color."

Here Brandon shares the HOW TO:

 STEP 1: Ble nd 4 colors Pravana Vivids Violet, Green, Pink Orchid and Pravana Pastels equal parts blue and violet. 

STEP 2: Section the hair into four quadrants.

STEP 3: Take 1-inch partings starting at the nape and applying each color 2-1/2 inches down each section slightly smudging into the previous color. ("I make sure to wipe my hands between each section and wipe my brushes frequently!")

STEP 4: Use foils on the first section of each quadrant with a Balayage  board, placing each section on top of the previous section to make sure the colors match up. 

STEP 5: Process for 20 minutes and then shampoo.


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