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5 Questions for a Lash Extensionist

Chandler Rollins | January 29, 2015 | 9:21 AM

Interested in getting into the lash business? Bianca Martinez, NovaLash 2015 Lash Artist of the Year and owner of Lashes by Bianca in Yuma, Arizona, answers your questions:

Q1: I’d like to offer my clients eyelash extensions—what accessories or products should I stock to get started?

The application of eyelash extensions is a highly technical and meticulous process that requires well-trained professionals to safely perform the procedure. Start by selecting a well-known, reputable company that will assist and guide you long after your certification. Next, be sure to stock a wide variety of lash extension lengths, curls and diameters to create a proper customizing frame that will compliment your client’s unique look.

Q2: Lash extensions are sometimes associated with hair loss. What can I do to avoid damage to the natural lashes?

A properly trained technician will understand the appropriate curl, diameter and length of extension that a client’s natural isolated lashes can hold. Improperly applied extensions can be very damaging to the natural lashes, whereas properly applied extensions will not cause damage. It is extremely important that technicians ensure no two or more extensions are stuck together so that the natural lashes can grow, rest and shed in their natural pattern. The NovaLash application technique and one-to-one lash bonding allows natural lashes to thrive while wearing extensions.

Q3: What are the best practices for sanitation when applying and removing lash extensions?

First and foremost, the eye and eyelash health of clients should always be your number-one concern. Selecting a lash company that upholds the best practices in delivering the safest and most sanitary applications through certification is crucial. Check with your state’s licensing requirements on eyelash extension application and sanitation requirements. Select a company that is known for the safety of their products, especially the adhesive. For example, NovaLash recommends the use of a dry heat sterilizer to sanitize the tweezers in between each client and to only remove extensions from their packaging using sanitized tweezers.

Q4: Are all my clients candidates for lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are ideal for most people with healthy eyes and lashes, and are suitable for people who wear contact lenses and glasses. Eyelash extensions are generally not suitable for people who have pre-existing eyelid or eye conditions, severe allergies or had a reaction to cyanoacrylate. Clients who are undergoing chemotherapy are not suitable for eyelash extensions until their lashes have grown back. If a client has any concerns, they should consult with a doctor who is familiar with the products used.

Q5: What maintenance schedule should I recommend?

Educate clients on practicing daily hygiene by thoroughly cleansing their lash extensions. Proper cleansing and conditioning are necessary to maintain the lash line to keep the extensions free of buildup such as debris and allergens and to maximize the life of the extensions. Using a lash wand to comb the lashes free of tangles is also recommended. To maintain a full look, fills are required approximately every three to four weeks when using NovaLash’s Platinum Bond adhesive. If your client declines a touch-up at this time, their lash extensions will continue to shed with their natural lash cycle.



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