FORMULA: Sunkissed Highlights On Virgin Hair

Maggie Mulhern | January 29, 2015 | 10:45 AM

Camille Plourde (@hairbycamillegp), a Master Stylist at Hair in Fairifield, Ct. met with Meghan and couldn't wait to get her hands in her hair. "She came to me with virgin hair that was all the way down her back," says Plourde. "She showed me pictures of blonde highlights. I explained I was going to use a technique called Balayage to paint them in.  She is in college so I wanted the grow out to be natural.  She was concerned Balayage meant Ombre but I explained Balayage is a highlighting technique and Ombre is just a result you can achieve with it.  Meghan was sold and I began to paint."

Here Plourde shares what she used to create this gorgeous sun-kissed finish:

Step 1: Using Sunlights Balayage lightener equal parts with 40 volume, take diagonal partings starting with a V pattern and adding an additional streak in the middle of the V to give it more of a traditional hilighted look. 

Step 2: Heavily saturate the mid shaft and ends ("because her hair is so long. I wanted to make sure the color was even from roots to ends." The Vs are placed throughout the hair.

Step 3: Process 30 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the plastic wrap on the first side to stop processing and allowing other side to catch up.  No glaze was needed. 


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