TRANSFORMATION: Neon Turquoise Mermaid

Maggie Mulhern | February 4, 2015 | 6:00 AM
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The finished result with yellow extensions for "pop".
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Taylor is a chameleon," says Alyssa Wiener (@lysseon) of STYLIN' Norwalk, CT. "She loves to change her color up so naturally I asked her to be my model. Her hair previously was blue with some purple in it, but I wanted to amp it up to really show some creativity." Here Wiener shares the HOW TO for this "Neon Turquoise Mermaid" design and adds: "Typically for services like this I charge $100/hour, but because Taylor was kind enough to let me use her head for photography, no charge."

Step 1: Lighten regrowth with Wella Blondor + 20 volume.

Step 2: For the last 10 minutes apply Blondor, 20 and a 1/4oz Olaplex through her ends just to lighten up her old color.

Step 3: Rinse, Olaplex step 2 and dry.

Step 4: Mix up 5 different formulas. "I wanted to use Manic Panic's new colors so badly so this was a great opportunity:

1. Dark blue: Manic Panic Blue Moon
2. Medium blue: MP Voodoo Blue
3. Dark turquoise: 1/2 Voodoo Blue, 1/2 Sirens Song, a dollop of Atomic Turquoise
4. Medium turquoise: 3/4 Atomic Turquoise, 1/4 Voodoo Blue
5. Light turquoise: MP Siren's Song (their newest shade)

Step 5: Separate the hair front from back. Separate the fringe. In the front starting at the ear, take 1/2inch sections starting with formula 3, then 4, then 2, then 1, then back to 2, 4, 3 and finally 5.

Step 6: Apply in the same pattern in the fringe.

Step 7: In the back take diagonal forward sections and follow the same pattern. Sirens Song is the color on the top layer.

Step 8: Separate colors using color papers by Scruples.

Step 9: Process for half an hour. Rinse with cold water and style.

Step 10: "For our photoshoot I also made neon yellow extensions using the new Pravana neon yellow just for that extra pop."


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