Maggie Mulhern | February 11, 2015 | 4:21 AM

Amanda "Eve" Galmiche (@TheHairColorExpert), a level 2 colorist at Arrojo Studio NYC, knew "we wanted to do something fun with a drastic change. We discussed the possibility of doing a double process or using foil highlights to pre lighten the hair but in the end a more rooty painted look fit into her lifestyle more easily. We were going for something in the peachy/pink family and decided on our final color based off of how light we got her hair. I love the results and how the color complements her amazing bouncy texture. This is the result of what can happen when a client lets go of rigid expectations and stays open to following creative journey."


Here she offers the HOW TO:

Step 1: Using Goldwell Silklift lightener with 20 volume, apply using a freehand balayage technique with full saturation on the ends.

Step 2: Process for 40 minutes, lifting to level 9.

Step 3: Glaze with Goldwell Elumen color: 100ml clear 20ml [email protected] "Her underlying gold tones create a peachy backdrop for the pink overlay."

Step 4: Process for 20 minutes under heat. Rinse.

Step 5: Apply Goldwell Colorance Demi glaze with 8RP with drops of 5VV.

Step 6: Process 10 minutes. Rinse.


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