TRANSFORMATION: Dimensional Hot Pink

Maggie Mulhern | February 12, 2015 | 4:55 AM
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Veronica Delgado (@veronicaampmstylist) of AMPM Salon, a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, Albuquerque, New Mexico, had an opportunity to make her guest pink and she went for it. "We're seeing fashion colors more than ever now in the salon," she says. "In the past, bright colors like pink, blue and purple were only seen on DIY Manic Panic rockers.  2015, to me, is all about taking inspirations from the 90's 'loud 'in your face' colors and morphing them into a hybrid of fun yet chic styles.

"My guest has been coming to me for 4 years now and was previously a level 7 base with blends of blonde," says Delgado. Using Paul Mitchell Synchrolift, Delgado used the Platinum Card technique to fully lighten hair scalp to end.  "I toned once at the level 9 with Paul Mitchell The Color 9P and 10A with 5 volume cream developer.  From there I went in using Paul Mitchell Inkworks to apply different variations of pink."

For this specific visit, her fourth, Delgado created this beautiful hot pink. Here she offers the HOW TO:

Pre-lighten her level 4 base with Synchrolift lightener and tone with Flash Finish, 2 parts ultra violet and 1 pare pale neutral. Once toned, Delgado applied the Marula Oil Rare Intensive Masque and let sit for 20 minutes.  Before applying the pink formula dry hair completely.

Color 1: Inkworks Hot PInk w/ three dots Purple
Color 2: Three parts Inkworks White with dots of Hot Pink
Color 3: Two parts Inkworks White with dots of Hot Pink and Purple

STEP 1: Apply color 1 as a root color to the hair. Starting on the right side of the head, take a triangle shape subsection and hand paint Color 1.
STEP 2: Move along the head taking uneven triangle sections and alternating Color 1, 2, and 3. Color 2 should be the dominant of the three.
STEP 3: Process for 30 and then rinse from the hair with cool water.

TIP: I recommend to extend the life of fashion colors, the client should shampoo every 2-3 days in cool water. Taking advantage of dry shampoos and recycling styles with curls and braids helps make in between washes easy.

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