Maggie Mulhern | February 11, 2015 | 7:08 PM

Cynthia Lumzy (@cynthialumzy), owner of “My Alter Ego Salon” in Dixon, Illinois, had an opportunity to correct a banded pink shade into something quite beautiful. Although it was a challenge, Lumzy, a color expert, managed to create a royal and regal color design.

She calls the look “Verbena" and shares the HOW TO:


  1. Joico Intensity Orchid + Ion Blue + Joico Indigo 
  2. Joico Intensity Orchid

STEP 1: Use Malibu C Crystal gels treatment to detox the hair. After treatment, blow dry the hair. 

STEP 2: The root area was lifted to a level 10 using Lanza cream decolorizer 30 volume developer and trauma treatment. For the final 10 minutes, a mixture of Lanza powder decolorizer 10 volume and distilled water was applied to remove previous stains.

STEP 3: Shampoo with Redken Clarifying shampoo and then blow dry. 

STEP 4: Apply formula 1 to the root area.

STEP 5: Starting at the nape area, alternate formula 1 and formula 2 in horizontal sections, making sure the section you are working is fully saturated with color and melt the colors together.

Lumzy is a member of the "UNICORN TRIBE," a collaboration of talented, innovative and artistic hairstylists, barbers, spoken word artist and musicians that love, support and inspire each other. These are the core values that they are all about. It is a movement of positivity that is expressed through individual talents.




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