TRANSFORMATION: Blonde With Heavy Dimension

Maggie Mulhern | February 14, 2015 | 6:47 AM

Emily Siegel (IG: emilysiegelpro), a hair and make up artist based in Columbus, Ohio, posted this breathtaking transformation that caught our eye on instagram.

"My client has been highlighting her hair for years," say Siegel. "It is far from being in healthy condition, so the day before doing the hair makeover, we did a Olaplex Treatment. She wanted something updated and something that provided depth unlike her then current hair situation. She had a bad case of over processed blown out blonde hair and extreme roots. Well, we fixed that! She wanted something with both blonde and dark instead of sticking to all blonde like she normally did. Honestly, it has made her look years younger."

Siegel and the client used the picture (most lilke photoshopped) on the bottom right as inspiration.

Here she offers the HOW TO:



Blonde shade: Matrix Light Master with 40 volume blended with Olaplex.  "Overall I believe it was on around an hour or so. Olaplex says it slows down processing time. The main goal with the lightener was the roots, as most her hair was already very light. With Olaplex though, I had extra confidence I could dust the already blonde hair to help get the unwanted tones out. It's totally trustworthy & helped so much to be able to do that!"


Lowlight Shade:  Joico 5MB+ with 10 vollume (medium mocha brown) "SO GORGEOUS!"




Slice these shades throughout the hair: 3 blonde slices, 1 dark slice. "This was the pattern I followed around the head, except for a few areas I knew the client wanted a little more of a blonde or dark pop."




Toner Shade:  Joico TSB (silver blonde) with 20 volume. Process for around 10 minutes. "This could obviously vary, just depends where you're trying to get the blonde to. Literally, this gave the absolute perfect icy blonde tone."




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