HOW-TO: A Pompadour on a Young Client Looks Just Right

Anne Moratto | February 20, 2015 | 7:02 AM

At the 2015 Long Beach International Salon and Spa Expo, Alyssa Brasket from Vancouver, WA grabbed the American Crew All-Star U.S. Winner title. Come April, Brasket will take her tools and talent and travel to Rome to represent America in the American Crew Global All-Star Challenge, a photo and styling competition. 

Brasket shares this pompadour how-to of a young client who had done his research and decided he wanted a cut with an All-Star.

"This kiddo who came into my shop hunted me down because he saw my work in the newspaper," said Brasket. "Now he wants to grow out his hair longer and wanted me to do the pompadour today. "


STEP ONE: In damp hair, use American Crew Firm Hold Gel.

STEP TWO:  With a round brush, blow dry up and away from the face.

STEP THREE: Once dry, use generous amount of American Crew Grooming Cream starting to apply back of head to sides to top of hair.

STEP FOUR: Use a comb and starting from one side of the head smoothing the hair back then down the back center of neck.

STEP FIVE: Add a part to the other side then smooth it back away from the face and back down the center of neck.

STEP SIX: Lightly smooth the front and comb back without using too much pressure so you don't push down the pompadour volume. Then you will have a medium hold, shiny pompadour.

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