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Formula How-To: Mid-Length Polish

Modern Salon | February 20, 2015 | 2:09 PM
A mid-length cut and customized color show younger clients that uber-long hair isn’t always the coolest option.

Anyone who saw the iHeartRadio concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City, couldn’t help but notice that most of the 20,000-plus attendees had long, casually worn hair. To convince younger clients to let go of the look, stylists at Salon Kavi in San Mateo, California, move these customers to a sophisticated mid-length cut and concentrate on highly personalized color. 


Here, a natural level 4/5 with the usual grown-out ombre is transformed with a shaded root sombre that shows off a fusion of soft peachy and agave-nectar tones. It’s the color that really sells the look.


For all the formulas, use diagonal-back sections and combine fine slicing with fine and chunky weaving to achieve a soft finish.


Formula 1: Mix two bowls of Goldwell Top Chic, 100 ml 11P with 100 ml 30-volume Top Chic developer. Apply 1-2 inches out from roots to midshafts, feathering the formula for a soft edge.


Formula 2: Mix Silk Lift Lightener with 30-volume Silk Lift developer. Apply from mid-shaft to ends. Process at room temperature until hair lifts to a level 8 on the mid-shafts and level 9 on the ends. (Approximately 30 minutes.) Rinse, shampoo and towel dry.


Formula 3: Mix Goldwell Colorance, 30 ml 10P with 60 ml of Colorance developer Glaze all the hair, processing to silverize (about 15 minutes), then rinse.


Formula 4: Mix Goldwell Colorance, 30 ml 8N + 25 ml 10P + 5 ml 6VV with 90 ml Colorance developer. Apply from mid-shafts to ends, then process for 15 minutes at room temperature before rinsing.


Formula 5: Mix Goldwell Colorance, 35 ml 8N + 25 ml 6VV with 90 ml Colorance developer. Apply from roots to midshafts, process 10 minutes and rinse.



Hair: Samira Bakhtiary for Salon Kavi

Photography: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

Makeup: Brianna Clemmons


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Hair Color Trends
Hair Color Trends

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