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Broadening Your Base

Modern Salon | February 20, 2015 | 2:32 PM
Looks like this, used in promotions, help ensure that 20-30 percent of your client base is younger, and that your business is future-centric.

If you don’t have clients of all ages from all walks of life, you won’t have a business that’s sustainable for decades. At Michael Christopher Salon in Highland Heights, Ohio, salon manager Marianne Nicolli says the key to long-term relevance is to offer several haircolor services at different price points and always show a variety of clients in ads and promotions.


“Our level 1 and 2 stylists do not charge the same for haircolor as our higher level stylists,” Nicolli says. “This makes haircolor affordable for guests who need to come often for a retouch and ones with financial restrictions, as well as teens and pre-teens. We also consistently boost our haircolor education in order to be able to deliver the latest trends, regardless of hair type or ethnicity. Finally, we use men, women and teens in our advertising, promotions and marketing images, and make certain that every hair type is represented.”




Hair: Carla DePasquale and Megan Allen

Photography: Tom Carson

Makeup: Nikki Biondolillo


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