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Elizabeth Jakaitis | February 27, 2015 | 11:32 AM
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Oft-considered punk’s figurehead and one of its most contentious characters, Johnny Rotten’s flame-colored head of spikes is as legendary as his attitude. “His signature look informed this rebellious short bowl cut,” Hughes says. “The androgynous style was cut with a heavy weight line on the sides to reveal a strong clippered undercut beneath.” Slicing through the top using a channel-cutting technique and fi nishing with a thick pomade creates a reimagined spiked-out texture à la Mr. Rotten.

Rage, rebellion and revolution were the philosophy of the massive punk scene of the ’70s. Self-expression was at the sentiment of this movement—fueling the scene’s inspiring art, music and style. 


“Punk may not have met traditional standards of beauty and harmony, but its influence on fashion and hair cannot be denied,” says Jen Hughes, an artist at Minnesota’s Juut salon, who created the simultaneously strong but feminine collection featured here. “The cuts and styles of bold, independent-thinking ’70s punk icons are reimagined for bold, modern women of today who aren’t afraid to make a statement.” 


Choppy, chewed-up and spiked-out textures reveal the beauty in being a bit random and imperfect on purpose, much like punk style and music itself.



Hair: Jen Hughes

Color: Kelsey Belgarde, Santa Fe Gates

Assistants: Shad Owen, Larissa Wong

Makeup: Janell Geason

Makeup assistant: Kristin Kosieracki

Photography: Chris McDuffie

Fashion styling: Jahna Peloquin


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