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Special Occasion and "I Do" Eyes with NovaLash Brand Ambassadors

Anne Moratto | March 3, 2015 | 11:52 AM
Lashes by Lindsey @joslynlindsey

Eyelash extensions add obvious fringe benefits like increased length and volume. A skilled artist can also add drama, glamour, sparkle and color. Part of an elite group of NovaLash Brand Ambassadors, two Advanced Trained NovaLash Artists, Stefanie Thurman and Lindsey Joslyn-Rohner, share their tips for special occasion add-on services as well as working with the bride on her “I do” eyes. 

MODERN: How can a lash artist talk to existing clients about doing something extra special?

Thurman: It’s important to be communicating with clients and to be interested in what they have going on in their lives like special events or vacations. I’m always asking my client about their plans because if they are going to be traveling, for instance, I can make sure to suggest they book an appointment before they leave.

Joslyn-Rohner: If you are talking to your clients and you learn they have something special coming up, it’s a great segue to lead into saying, ‘I could do something really fun and exciting for your lashes’ and then offer them some suggestions.

Thurman:  It can be something as simple as changing the diameter of their current lashes. We also have our Candy Lashes which are colored glitter lashes that are hand-dipped, freeze dried and crystallized. They are so well made, the glitter won’t flake off, and they last for up to two weeks.

Joslyn-Rohner: Candy Lashes give this beautiful hint of color and sparkle. I add them to the outer corners of the eyes. They are great for prom or special parties. For the bride, I love to create a full set of bottom lashes that will carry her through the honeymoon.  She can just wake up and look gorgeous.

MODERN: What are the most important questions to ask in a consultation with a new client?

Thurman: As a lash artist, I want to tailor each lash experience to that client’s unique needs. I ask about any sensitivities or allergies.  We can offer them NovaMink lashes which are lightweight and extremely soft.  

Joslyn-Rohner: I also find out what their expectations are for the service as well as asking about their daily routine, their lifestyle and their makeup wearing habits.

MODERN: How much in advance of the wedding should a bride come to you for lashes? 

Thurman:  I always advise two to three weeks prior to their wedding.  If they want to go more natural or more dramatic we can modify that. It allows them time to get into a new   maintenance program. Every night, I recommend they use NovaLash 3-in-1 Pads. They have Pomegranate Extract Seed Oil to keep extensions soft and also condition natural lashes and keep those healthy as well. 

Joslyn-Rohner: I like to schedule a month prior to the wedding date. I remind them that we can fine tune anything but this gives them time to get used to wearing their lashes. Three to four days before their wedding I can do a really thorough fill and make sure her lashes look flawless.

I love reminding my clients that I can customize everything and give them the lashes they always wanted.

Stefanie Thurman is the owner of the Lash & Brow Studio in Royal Oaks, MI and Lindsey Joslyn-Rohner is at Salon 1800 in Chicago, IL


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