Bad Banded Sombre To PRETTY Classic Highlighted Blonde

Maggie Mulhern | March 6, 2015 | 8:27 PM

Susan Aw ( is one of MODERN's favorite colorists. The artist, based at Embellish Salon, in Arcadia, California, did not hold back when taking her client from a banded sombre to a classic highlighted blonde.

"I had actually created a beautiful beige blonde balayage ombre for this particular guest about a year ago," says Aw. "She had no idea how filled my scheduled got and apologized to me that a few months after she had 'cheated on me and impulsively went somewhere else.'  She wanted a rooty cool blonde, however she was unhappy with the results, noticing harsh lines instead of a fluid blend. Since I provide online booking, she made an appointment waiting 3 months to come in but only signed up for a root touch up, thinking that's what she needed to give her the rooty look she was wanting. When I actually saw her hair up-close, she had uneven bands in the base and uneven tones in her blondes. What she needed was more than just a root touch up, so she had to wait another 3 months for a corrected appointment slot. This time she promised."
Aw had to carefully lift her hair focusing on the unevenness using different lightening formulas and isolating the different bands. "Patience was key and allowing the product to do what it's suppose to and not rushing/rinsing too soon. After rinsing and toning, the color was perfect!"

Aw and her client decided that a long bob with a blunt cut would be best for her "because she came in with straggly thin ends. This gave her hair more volume and an overall modern look. Before she left, the words 'it was worth the wait' came from her."

Here she offers the HOW TO:

Step 1. Balayage using backcombing technique, applying Paul Mitchell DPL + 20 vol and DPL + 30vol, being careful of previously lightened areas. Process to level 10, approximately 20-25 minutes.

Step 2. Shampoo, rinse and comb through, applying Paul Mitchell UTP+9P+UTA+9A+10vol from roots to ends, toning and bumping the base at the same time. Process 20 minutes.

Step 3. Shampoo and treat with favorite deep conditioner.

Step 4. End by giving hair a long bob with a heavy blunt cut for maximum volume at the perimeter. Finish and style.




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