The 4 Most Challenging and Sought-After Blonde Cases Solved!

Lauren Salapatek | March 6, 2015 | 9:35 AM
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Here, Schwarzkopf Professional combines the four most popular and sought-after Hollywood Blonde looks with the four most challenging blonde cases. Flip through the examples and understand where your client is at, what is possible, and how to create the most iconic blonde looks for them.
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PRIME BLONDE: "To create the perfect blonde result on a first-time blonde, work with multi-tonal reflections to keep it natural but head turning," says Vō. Some women are still naturally blonde, yet missing spotlight glamour. With BLONDME lightening and toning, you can easily create a shiny, soft, authentic blonde look.
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PASTEL BLONDE: "It is important to take the client's personality into account, so I always ask my clients if they want to whisper, talk or shout - this blonde look with pastel highlights can do it all. So whatever her mood, she can decide her look," says Vō. Blondes are more than one look! Be creative with this ultra-blonde look in combination with edgy, yet wearable pastels. Show you skills by placing highlights and setting the color intensity based on desired end result.
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BLONDRÉ: "Brunettes are my fastest growing segments and this is my signature technique for them. It's perfect for brunettes who like to tip-toe into the blonde family. Setting just a few highlights to connect the classical lightened ends of the ombre makes it more impactful and outstanding," says Vō. This is the next Hollywood trend predicted by Schwarzkopf Professional. Its the next generation of ombre allowing brunettes to creatively and easily go blonde for a sun-kissed look.
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BLONDE MAKEOVER: “With an already pre-lightened, uneven blonde you need to color and neutralize where necessary. The secret: you need to treat re-growth, mid-lengths and ends separately for an even and smooth result to create a supreme blonde look,” says Vō. Hairdressers often face color correction challenges or have clients who want to try a new look but want to stay blonde. With the supreme Blonde makeover any blonde can be transformed into blonde perfection.
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Did you know that 60% of in-salon color services revolve around blondes - and it's the most technically challenging color service?

Blonde hair requires a lot of maintenance! Blonde clients spend over-proportionally in the salon and are incredibly loyal if satisfied, says Schwarzkopf Professional.

“The biggest, hottest trend in Hollywood for blonde right now revolves around choices. It’s all about the BLONDME toners, about warm hues like strawberry, about going ice or sand. I think it’s about the options,” says Kim Vō, celebrity stylist and Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME Global Ambassador. “I think everyone can have blonde highlights to flatter their skin tone. Not everyone can be blonde all over, but I think all of us have an inner blonde. One of the biggest markets that I have right now are brunettes that want to tip-toe into the blonde world. So it’s really fun!”


In order to provide the best blonde consultation and service for your client, it's important to understand your client's needs - always take the time for a color consultation.

So how do you diagnose what is possible? Make sure you check your client's natural level, previous color applications and natural skin tone. Identify the darkest area; this determines the possible levels of lift. This could be the re-growth or previous color application areas. Then, select the appropriate BLONDME products, application & development to ensure supreme blonde hair quality and color results.

What's more, Schwarzkopf Professional has re-launched their BLONDME products. BLONDME now features KeraLamination Technology with Silk and Keratin. This technology smoothes the hair for ultimate blonde retention and vibrancy. Developed to meet the individual needs of all blonde hair types, the new BLONDME, featuring updated packaging and innovative formulations, will be available starting February 2015 in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons.


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