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FORMULA: Cobalt Blue Haircolor

Maggie Mulhern | March 9, 2015 | 12:20 PM

Alyssa Wiener (@lysseon) of STYLIN' Norwalk, CT, posted this cobalt blue transformation we had to know more. Here she shares the HOW TO:

Step 1: Clarify the hair using Redken Pre Art "because she lives in Brooklyn and I know New York water is so hard and contains a lot of build up."

Step 2: Blend Schwarzkopf BlondMe 9+ mixed with 30vol and Olaplex and proceed to lighten. Apply first to the midshaft, then roots.

Step 3: Process for 45 minutes.

Step 4: "Because this client had previously colored her hair a few times with a red-brown, there was a lot of warmth." Wash with Scruples Platinum Shine.

Step 5: Tone with Scruples Color Art 8BG for 5-10 minutes.

Step 6: Section the hair. Create a star shape at the top of the head, letting the points go just about to the middle of her ear.

Step 7: Blend two formulas:
Formula A: Joico Cobalt Blue, Urban Shock Blue
Formula 2: Joico Sapphire Blue, Urban Shock Blue and a squeeze of Cobalt.
"Mix until you like how the color looks on a paper towel."

Step 8: Apply formula A to the underside, formula B to the star at the top. "This gives it dimension even though the 2 colors are somewhat similar."

Step 9: Process for 30 minutes and then rinse.

Step 10: Condition with Urban Shock Blue to seal the color. Cut hair and razor the ends to make the under color stand out.

I'd like to say that I am part of the up and coming Unicorn Tribe ran by Alix Maya Clymer and a few other fabulous souls. Through this group we truly support each other and the age of the artist, really showcasing what hairstylists and other artists are capable of. I'm very excited to see our tribe grow and show what we're made of!


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Hair Color Trends
Hair Color Trends

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