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BlueCo Acknowledges Udell

Anne Moratto | March 9, 2015 | 8:06 AM
Photo: From left to right: Gary Udell, Alan Murphy, Glenn Udell, Ivan Zoot and Gerry Udell

Alan Murphy, president of BlueCo Brands, recently recognized the Gerry Udell Group for their role in a 15% increase in sales for 2014 in the Northeast territory.  

"This increase is due to the high quality of their products as well as their diversification of their well-known brands under the BlueCo Brands corporate umbrella,” said Gerry Udell. “Of course this includes Barbicide which continues to be the leader in salon sanitation which is more important today than ever before."

Udell also noted that BlueCo Brand's recent acquisition of Vienna Products, manufacturers of Triple Lanolin products, will also be a big factor in future growth. 

"Thanks to Alan and his sales and educational team of Brenda Leckie, Leslie Roste and Ivan Zoot, BlueCo Brands continues to be a proactive and entrepreneurial company which contributes to their success in the Professional Beauty Field," said Udell.


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