MANNEQUIN MONDAY: Modern/Vintage Beehive

Maggie Mulhern | March 9, 2015 | 2:17 PM
Beehive hairstyle by Janine Ker.

We LOVE this '60's inspired beehive by Janine Ker (@janine_ker_hair) of Salon Aguayo, Pasadena, California.

"I made it in cosmetology school in my hair design class, as one of our projects," says Ker. "I've always been in love with the simple beauty of vintage swim caps, so I decided to immerse my creativity in the era and redesign my doll head. I backcombed the entire head, using beach ball sectioning, created a massive beehive and then proceeded to create individual flowers out of synthetic hair that I purchased at a local beauty supply. I also erased and repainted the make up, to more accurately depict the era."

Ker adds that it is the research of each project that she finds the most fun. "As an artist who is also a cosmetologist, I am intrigued by the challenge to create form out of hair. In the case of the vintage floral swim cap, it had to be all hair to was a hair design class after all. I enjoy the fact that my work DOESN'T look like hair, but is.  My whole goal is to get a double take from the viewer," she says. 

The artist adds the importance of the color scheme for the artificial hair, "I also used legit, vintage colors, which I researched as well."

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