TRANSFORMATION: Deep Chocolate With Caramel Lights

Maggie Mulhern | March 16, 2015 | 6:08 AM


"My guest and I decided it was time to switch things up for spring/summer," says Jennifer Correale, an artist from Di Rosa Haircare, Franklin Square, NY. "She’s a big swimmer and wanted something more low maintenance so her color would last and look good.” After explaining that it would be best to do this in two sessions ("Honesty is always the best policy," says Correale), the artist started by taking her guest from her faded vibrant red to a deep chocolate with the goal to brighten in 6 weeks when both are deep in to spring. After this first session (just last week) both Correale and her guest were thrilled with how this service offered great dimension with warm specs of caramel. At her next visit, scheduled in 6 weeks, Correale will do a root touch up and ombré to brighten the chocolate for spring.

Here she offers the HOW TO:

Step 1: 40ml 10vol and 40ml Goldwell Topchic 6mb at roots while feathering down color by turning brush vertically to bring down the foundation color.


Step 2: Silk Lift and 30 vol, take Goldwell Highlighting Board and feather sections for desired lightness and put in foil.


Step 3: Whatever hair is left out apply the foundation again which was same as roots. 40ml 10vol and 40ml Goldwell Topchic 6mb, let process.


Step 4: After everything is rinsed and shampooed, apply Goldwell Colorance on lightened areas 40ml core lotion 15ml 8sb 5ml 7g (because she was still reddish/pink)  "This is a great formula to control the warmth and deposit at same time."


Facebook: Di Rosa Haircare; Instagram: @dirosahaircare, @hairbyjenniferann



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