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Los Angeles Sunset by Jenn Sarchet

Anne Moratto | March 20, 2015 | 3:04 PM

This beautiful color by Jenn Sarchet at The Establishment LA blends peach and pink into what Sarchet calls---most appropriately--"Los Angeles Sunset." 

She shares her Aveda formula and steps:

Prep: Pre-lightened with Aveda's Enlightener Powder Lightener

Formula A: 80g Full Spectrum Universal 0n + 6g Violet permanent pure tone + 80g 5 vol conditioning creme developer

Formula B: 120g color treatment liquid activator + 2g R permanent pure tone

Application: Formula A applied to new growth. Process for 20 minutes.   Create a triangular section from point of distribution to front perimeter/hairline and pull through to mid.shafts.
Formula B applied from mid-shaft to ends of remaining hair. Process for 5 minutes.


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