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From Fried to Fab: Hair Save by Vanessa Esqueda

Anne Moratto | March 20, 2015 | 4:35 PM

"This was a new client who wanted heavy balayage highlights.," explained Vanessa Esqueda (@hairbyvanessa) of this dramatic before-and-after makeover. "One look at her hair and I refused to do that as her hair was not in any state to take even a drop of lightner. She had been doing a high lift red with 40 vol PULLING IT THROUGH everytime, which  basically fried her ends. Together, we agreed that we needed to achieve a color which would help on the road to recovery.  I refer to this process as 'hair bootcamp'! lol"

After being contacted, she wrote back with her formula and steps:

"I used Redken Fusion 6t on her roots with 20 vol. then filled her midshaft with Redken seq 8gn + splash 6n leaving her ends out until the very end.
I let the roots and midshaft process then pulled the color through. Washed,  dried then put 6gn over everything and let process for 20 mins.   6gn removes all red!  Its my go to!!Love it!!!"

Esqueda can be found at The Colour Room in Glendale, CA,

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