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5 Tips for a Dramatic Color Change - Going from Brunette to Blonde

Lauren Salapatek | March 24, 2015 | 12:32 AM
7 hour hair color transformation. @cocodevile removed all the green haircolor, lightened up the dark and then gave her client a silver/platinum finish.
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Before and after dark to light hair.
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Do you think blondes have more fun?
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Right now it's apparent; blondes are all the rage on  the runways, red carpets, magazines and trendsetter's social media feeds.

"From delicious honey 'dos to straight-up platinum, there is a blonde for everyone," says Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Haircolor. "And while going from dark to light is incredibly fun, the route to get there can't be taken lightly. The process requires care and consideration for the best blonde results for the individual."

Here, Aveda's Ian Michael Black offers MODERN his tips for a dramatic color change:

Color Consultation
Going blonde can be a major change, so as a colorist make sure to book enough time so that you can give your client a thorough consultation. Have your client bring in photos of the blonde they want. Assess the health of your client's hair; is it capable of going lighter without extensive damage? Consider its colored-treated history; provide a realistic outcome of what the hair will look like and suggest what kind of blonde would be best for your client.  Discuss a plan for upkeep.

Consider Skin Tone
Consider your client's skin tone. Rich honey and caramel blondes are flattering on darker skin tones. If going light, pale golden shades can look beautiful next to warm skin. Keep in mind that ashen shades often contrast too much against skin’s natural warmth.

Understand the Process
Bringing a brunette to blonde takes time and care, so plan accordingly for the best results. It can take hours to achieve a healthy result. Recognize that it’s going to be much better for your client's hair health and the final result to lift color at a slower pace.

Hair Health
Recommend that your client cares for their hair with deep conditioning treatments before the appointment so their hair is its most healthy for the service.

Don’t Blonde At Home
Going from dark to light can potentially be the most damaging process to hair. It’s not just about lifting the hair to a lighter shade; it’s also about toning it to the right hue. Gage this properly!

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