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Trendsetting Attendees of America's Beauty Show 2015

Elizabeth Jakaitis | March 24, 2015 | 12:42 PM
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Stylists are the creators of new trends, but they should also inspire their clients to go for adventurous new looks by wearing their passion on their sleeves…or rather, on their heads. Attendees of America’s Beauty Show 2015 demonstrated their love of style and innovation by proudly sporting trendy cuts and bold color.

Many of these looks are more of-the-moment than timelessly classic. We’re likely to look back at these snapshots in a few years and be reminded that 2015 was when undercuts were all the rage and ombre fades from one bold fashion color to another was the height of cool. The fact that stylists are always on top of the latest trend is very telling of the beauty industry as a whole – an industry that is tapped into culture and always innovative.

These stylists and students embody that drive to create the latest trend and surely inspire every client they come in contact with. Before the consultation even begins, their clients will know that they are in the hands of someone who isn’t just there to do a job, but to share their passion for creation. 

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