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Miss Ruby's Vintage Way: Sexy Hair Social Media Coordinator

Anne Moratto | March 25, 2015 | 12:30 PM
Sexy Hair Educator and Social Media Coordinator Ruby Torrealba

Sexy Hair Educator and Social Media Coordinator Ruby Torrealba (@missrockabillyruby) walks her talk, living with a vintage sensibility, everyday.  A hairdresser and makeup artist, she conducts classes in Kitten Retro Glamour with her Miss Ruby's Beauty School.

On Sexy Hair's blog, Torrealba recently shared her beauty must-have's:

Q: Hairspray vs. Lipstick, which do you choose?
A: If it really came down to it, I absolutely cannot live without hairspray! Wind is my one natural enemy and I can’t stand to have my hair blowing out of place. That’s why I love Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay, it makes my style hurricane proof! Although I’m obsessed with my lipstick and lip gloss, hairspray definitely takes the cake.

Q: What’s the most special item that you carry with you?
A: My glasses are special because if Marilyn Monroe were to have anything covered in rhinestones, this is what she’d have! My friend Cassandra custom makes glasses and made this pair especially for me because she knows that I absolutely love anything that is covered in rhinestones and has a vintage look.

Q: Your wardrobe mostly consists of which color?
A: I’m a sucker for pinks & reds. Growing up I was a huge tomboy and would never admit to liking anything girly but as I got older I really embraced my girly side. Any chance I get to dress up and wear pink or red I’ll take it. I’ve even had both of these colors as hair colors!

Q: What hair product can you not live without?
A: I cannot live without my Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. My hair is naturally very thin and fine but I make it look like it has lots of volume and body by sprinkling Powder Play at my roots while I’m styling.

Q: What’s the hardest thing to find in your bag?
A: Well I've tried to make this really easy on myself by having a see through purse but I’m always searching for extra bobby pins. The problem is my purse is gold and my bobby pins are blonde so they blend in really easily.

Q: What’s your music playlist when you travel?
A: It totally depends on my mood but my staples are always JD Mcpherson, Little Richard and of course the Beatles!


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