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April's Healthy Hairdresser Challenge: Take a Healthy Selfie!

Lauren Salapatek | March 26, 2015 | 8:43 AM
Participate in the Healthy Hairdresser Challenge and take a "Healthy Selfie" during the month of April!

Catch yourself in the act of being healthy, then share your energy and positive influence! April's challenge (starting April 1st!) is fun and focused on celebrating “healthy moments”—actions you are taking or adding to your daily routine to sustain your career and general wellbeing.

Snap a photo of yourself “doing something right”—exercising, drinking water at your station, choosing a smart snack, etc.—and post it on and your own social media.

Taking the challenge is easy!

Enter to get a free sample and chance to win $1,800 in healthy spa experiences from Obliphica! First 100 entries get $133 in full-size products.

Step 1: Take your “Healthy Selfie” photo—have fun with it! (Bonus points for making it a “group” selfie, including clients, colleagues, family or friends.)
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Click on the prompt to LOG IN or JOIN
Step 4: Return to the main page and click on the TAKE THE CHALLENGE button.
Step 5: Follow prompts to upload your Healthy Selfie photo.
Step 6: Almost finished! Complete the Healthy Selfie quick survey and registration to get your FREE SAMPLE and chance to win $1,800 SpaFinder Wellness 365 gift card from Obliphica Professional.
Step 7: Get social: Post your Healthy Selfie on your personal Facebook and/or Instagram accounts with #healthyhairdresser to spread your positive influence, share your Healthy Hairdresser attitude and increase your chances to win the Healthy Selfie Challenge!

Want more information on HOW TO TAKE A HEALTHY SELFIE?

The April 2015 Healthy Hairdresser Challenge is brought to you by Obliphica Professional, encouraging you to share your healthy image and to celebrate your influence as beauty professionals! For more information, visit

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