3 Pro Tips for Styling with Accessories

Chandler Rollins | March 27, 2015 | 8:51 AM
Ornate Beaded Crystal Hair Vine from Twigs & Honey
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Crystal Sparkle Hair Vine from Twigs & Honey
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A well-placed hair accessory can elevate an ensemble from average to amazing. Whether it’s adding the final touch on a bride or taking your client from day to night, hair accessories are appropriate but often unexpected. Three salon pros share their tips for the perfect finish.

Bun it up. “Hair accessories are really big this season,” says celebrity stylist for Living Proof, Chris McMillan. “I like to put them underneath a bun for something girly and fun. I also like using ribbon to tie a knot in it. It’s chic and a little precious.” 


Work with what you’ve got. “For long, straight hair, create a sophisticated updo with an ornamental hair stick or punctuate tresses with the sparkle of a single clip,” says Nick Stenson, artistic director at jcp salons. “Put the shine in short hair with a headband or glamorized bobby pins. Balance out the volume of textured hair with a large flower or statement piece that won’t get lost in the curls. Use wire combs that won’t slip for fine hair and style with Matrix Style Link Volume Builder to add volume.” 


Substitute with statement jewelry. “Save some money and create a beautiful statement by using your own diamond or crystal bracelets,” says Jo Blackwell-Preston, owner of Dop Dop Salon in New York. “Use bobby pins to secure a bracelet to the bottom of a chignon or weave it into a French twist or braid. Another option is dangling earrings. Run a bobby pin through the earring clasp and secure to one side of a chignon.”

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