21 Ways to Spot a Hairdresser

Alison Alhamed | April 7, 2015 | 12:34 PM
You look in your closet and it's all-black everything.
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Your ankles are swollen, your hands are dry and stained, you have hair in your pocket, a band-aid on your knuckle, tips in your other pocket and your heart is smiling.
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Finding a hair in your food doesn't even gross you out. You just push it aside and keep eatin'.
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Your signature mani typically includes a bandaid to cover that nasty chunk missing from your knuckle.
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While on the topic of manis.... how about these ombre 4N bad boys?
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You can multi-task like no other
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Your trunk looks like a murder scene.
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Sometimes it'd be so much easier than trying to make time to get someone else to do your hair...
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Tweezers are necessary. Not kidding.
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You use a flatiron to iron the corners of your shirt.
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You know the tastes of different hairsprays.
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You couldn't possibly imagine having any other career.
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Ok so you've had the exact same conversation 5 times today, you haven't gone to a friend's wedding purely as a guest in YEARS, and you can eat a rotisserie chicken (hunched over a garbage can) in 5 minutes flat (while your client is processing)... youuuuu might be a hairdresser.  Some of our other favorite ways to spot one?

You get excited when there is the exact amount of ounces of color that you need left in the tube of color that you grab to mix your formula.

When you have to explain that those are not bruises on your forearms or that the little tiny black hairs on your face and chest are not from a late stage of puberty.

When you go to the bank and realize you're still wearing your smock and all your clips are attached.

When you are standing in a checkout line at a grocery store and all you can think about is how much hair that lady in front of you needs to cut off or what color you would change it to.

When your hands are covered in V-shaped scars from point cutting a little too deep and your finger nails look brown the day after you get a manicure.

When you remember someone by their color formula.

When you go to a drugstore and want to tell people in the shampoo aisle to stop buying that box color.

When you leave a trail of bobby pins every where you go.

When your client calls that they are running 10 minutes late, and you THANK GOD because now you have 10 minutes to put food in your stomach!

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